St. Tammy Parish Fair Pagents Scroll Down for more information

2018 St. Tammany Parish Fair Pageants

Saturday, September 29, 2018


Pageants will be held at Greater Covington Center 317 N. Jefferson


 Pageant admission fee of $5.00 per adult and $2.00 per child (ages 2-12).  Only contestants are admitted in free of charge.


9:30-10:00 am  Doors Open/Registration & Check in

10:00 am Begin Divisions Infant Miss (0-5mos), T’Nincy Miss (6-11 mos), Baby Master (0-11 mos), Baby Miss (12-17 mos), Tiny Master (12-23 mos), Tiny Miss (18-23 mos)   Crowning immediately after all divisions are completed. 

11:30-12:30 pm  Building closed for lunch/fair personnel only—Doors locked

12:30-1:00 pm Doors Open/Registration for afternoon divisions

1:00 pm  Begin Divisions Toddler Miss (2 years), Toddler Master (2-3 years), Young Miss (3 years), Petite Miss (4-5 years), King (4-5 years),  Little Miss (6-8 years), Deb Miss (9-11 years).   Crowning immediately after all divisions are completed.   

 3:00-no later than 3:30 pm       Princess, Junior and Miss Contestants Check I 

3:55 pm                                     Line-up to begin pageant 

4:00 pm                                     Pageant Begins  


*Contestants need to look at Registration forms for more information.